Royal VKB Dish Drainer Geo Blue

Royal VKB Dish Drainer Geo Blue
Dish Drainer Geo in blue is splendidly designed mat made of soft plastic design by Jorre van Ast for Royal VKB.
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Royal VKB Dish Drainer Geo Blue

Dish Drainer Geo is ideal when you only have a small amount of washing up to do, or when the dishwasher is becoming overloaded.

Geo comes into its own when you have to make the difficult choice between washing up ‘that’ dirty frying pan or ‘those’ four dirty plates! The Geo has been nicely designed with a scene with which we all should be familiar from our geography classes!

Is the dishwasher almost full or do you have a number of items that you prefer to wash by hand? The Dish Drainer Geo has been designed especially to drain this small amount of washing-up.

The Dish Drainer Geo is a splendidly designed mat; the subtle height differences in the design will ensure that the water will drain off.

The Dish Drainer Geo means it is no longer necessary to use a large dish drainer which is awkward to store. The Dish Drainer Geo is flat and takes up very little space.

It can be put away if required, but that really isn’t necessary because its design, inspired by geographical contour lines, ensures that it fades harmoniously into every interior.

Features of Dish Drainer:

  • Ideal for a small amount of washing-up
  • Secure fi t next to the sink
  • Intergrated spout for easy draing

Material: Soft plastic

Color: Blue

Award: Grand Prix Table & Cadeau 2010

Designer: Jorre van Ast

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Item Code: VT840.BL1


12" x 17"

Royal VKB is a brand of the Royal Delft Group

A combination of traditional craftsmanship with the most modern techniques is found in the manner in which we develop our products and bring them onto the market.

Five years ago at VKB they set to work on something that would change their work for ever. They wanted to do something original within the field of our traditional trade that, since 1789, had become so commonplace to them.

Something from which they drew inspiration was the accelerated tempo seen in people on account of changed prosperity and technological developments, which resulted in a changing consumer with more awareness than ever before.

People do not suddenly change their lifestyle, but gradually slip into a new lifestyle.

With regard to some new developments, they will make a conscious choice to deal with those differently, but hordes of other things often remain in the grey area between tradition or new lifestyle and in that grey area they often act subconsciously and follow our intuition.

The depth of those subconscious actions only becomes apparent when they are faced with new solutions that we are then just as likely to label matter-of-course.

Over the past 5 years, RoyalVKB has demonstrated that it has an awareness of how people live and deal with specific everyday problematic situations.

They make people conscious of the subconscious and prefer to do that in a way that fits in with what people want and what they find pleasurable.

In their view, the combination of innovation, design and lifestyle continues to be the correct way of providing a solution to the present-day need. This is so that, when patterns change within society, space is automatically created for more innovative products.

Jorre van Ast

Jorre van Ast finished the 'Product Design'™ course at the Royal College of Art in London in 2006.

After graduating he started working as independent designers from his studio in London, focusing on (interior) Products Design.

For his work he received several awards, of which 'best overall entry'™ at Interieur 2006.

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Royal VKB Dish Drainer Geo Blue

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Retail Price: $57.96
Price: $48.30
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